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By joining BTCA you are enrolling as a member of the largest fraternity of tennis coaches and suppliers of Tennis Coach Insurance in the UK (outside of the governing body). BTCA provides a level of independent expression for coaches that enables them to share ideas and work through alternative concepts and coaching methods.  Membership of The British Tennis Coaches Association is open to any reputable individual that holds or is working towards holding a recognised tennis coaching or teaching qualification.  BTCA also allocates an Bronze membership for tennis players, parents and enthusiasts that provides them with informative support and enables them network with BTCA Member Coaches. Through our Coach Development partners "Inspire2Coach” BTCA also provides coaches with discounts on coach development courses and on-line support and learning packages that help ensure that all coaches have the tools they need to put together quality coaching programs.  BTCA also hosts many fun and informative networking events throughout the year that keep BTCA coaches in touch with what’s happening in tennis, nationally and internationally.

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